1 Gram Pre-roll / Honolulu Haze (215 mg CBD)

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Type: Sativa dominant hybrid

Aroma: Hops, cinnamon, chamomile

Feeling: Relaxed, Chill

Each CBD Joint contain a 1 Gram of Premium Industrial Hemp Derived CBD Flower professionally filled in a King sized cone with a filter. No Tobacco, Synthentics or additives are added to this or any of our Hemp Joints.


Honolulu Haze Terpene Profile:

2.12 mg per g Caryophyllene

1.73 mg per g Myrcene

0.94 mg per g Humulene

0.72 mg per g Bisabolol

0.36 mg per g Pinene

The Honolulu Haze strain hemp flower is a sweet, earthy hybrid popular for its sativa leaning effects. The Hawaiian Haze strain sports a musty, woody flavor that blends together with a sweet taste experience.

1 review for 1 Gram Pre-roll / Honolulu Haze (215 mg CBD)

  1. Stephen Moody (verified owner)

    This is my ultimate favorite. What a amazing blend of flavors. Relaxed and chill without a doubt. What a full body high that’s well priced

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