1 Gram Pre-roll / AC Diesel (18.5% CBD = 185 mg)

$10.00 $5.00

Type: Indica dominant hybrid

Aroma: Hops, cinnamon, chamomile

Feeling: Relief, relaxation

Each joint contains 1 gram of premium Industrial Hemp-derived CBD flower-filled in a RAW King Size Organic Hemp Cone with filter. No tobacco, synthetics, or additives are added to any of our hemp joints.



AC Diesel Terpene Profile:

5.04 mg per g Myrcene

1.85 mg per g Caryophyllene

1.45 mg per g Bisabolol

0.93 mg per g Pinene

0.72 mg per g Guaiol

This flower has a high level of Myrcene making it great for relaxation and overall relief.


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