Glass Tea Infuser bottle


New and Improved! Glass Tea Infuser Bottle


 Tea Infuser Bottle is very simple and easy to use!

Simply unscrew the stainless steel bottom portion of the bottle to get access to the stainless steel infuser basket. Place desired amount of tea into the infuser basket and simply screw the lid back in place. Turn the bottle over to add water. To make iced tea just add cold water to your bottle and wait about 30 minutes. (Tea brewed in cold water and allowed to steep slower, produces a nice smooth iced tea). For hot tea, add your hot water (yes, hot water, tea is best when water is not boiling)  to the double insulated glass bottle and allow your tea to steep for the desired amount of time.

Many teas can be used numerous times throughout the day especially when using cold water. Simply keep your tea leaves in the infuser basket and just add more water.

The tea infuser bottle is all dishwasher safe, all pieces come apart to place in the dishwasher. Enjoy!


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