20 mg Full Spectrum Pomegranate Focus Shot – 2oz


Whether you’re looking to increase your focus or just want a burst of renewed energy, you’ll find both with Pomegranate and Tropical CBD Focus Shots! 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD, 150mg of energizing L-Arginine, 75mg of caffeine, and a host of revitalizing vitamins and minerals, these shots are ready-to-drink beverages designed to set your mind at ease and keep your focus clear.


Finding It Difficult to Focus Lately?
Here’s What Else You Can Do About It…

Down a Pomegranate or Tropical CBD Focus Shot and get to work.

Although there are a lot of things you can—and should—do to improve your focus for the long term, when you’re at work or school on the Monday after the weekend, a little extra energy and focus never hurt.

That’s why our Pomegranate and Tropical CBD Focus Shots are specifically formulated with calming CBD, energizing vitamins and nutrients, and finished with a delectable taste to make getting focused a delicious breeze.

  • Broad Spectrum CBD 20mg per Serving
  • 150mg of L-Arginine to Promote Healthy Blood Flow
  • 75mg of Caffeine for More Energy
  • Supporting Vitamins C, B3, B6, B12, and D
  • Naturally Flavored, Zero Sugar, and 100% Vegan
  • Available in Pomegranate and Tropical Flavors
  • ND-THC


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